Moving Tips From Our Office

You know how every time you ask a group of people for a tip or some advice you get a variety of answers for one question? Well you get the same kind of response when you ask employees of Parma Movers, Inc. for moving tips. We chose to use that to our advantage in order to compile this list of moving tips for you.

When asked to provide their top/best/favorite/most used, etc. moving tip this is what our office responded with:

  • “Plan ahead with enough advance notice. As the move gets closer, communicate with your mover if you have not accomplished as much as you thought you would.” – Annie
  • “Do a walk through when movers arrive – show what goes and what does not so that they can load the truck accordingly. Always close top of boxes – you cannot stack items if box tops are open. Keep a corner of a bedroom for all small items or important items that movers should not take (i.e. kids favorite toy, purse, important papers, etc.)” – Bob
  • “The key to a successful move is to be prepared. Our success is based on what you do prior to us arriving. If your move is a self-pack, have everything in boxes (with lids) ready to go. Clear snow from walkways, and have a plan of where you want items placed in your new home.” – Chuck
  • “Plan ahead and book early.” – Debbie
  • “Take breakables and valuables out of dresser drawers. Sometimes they have to be turned on end to get out of the bedrooms and down hallways. Other than that normal items can stay in the drawers; workers carry them in a way that drawers will not come open.” – Gene
  • “Always get an in-home survey.” – Jim
  • “To make moving day easy tell the movers what you need done.” –Judy
  • “Pack a box, or have the movers do it, of things you will need immediately at your new residence, such as towels and bedding. Have movers put that box on the truck last and take it off first.” – Kim
  • “As you’re packing and looking through all you need to move, use it as a time to donate, sell, or give away items that you don’t need. If you don’t want/use it then don’t move it.” – Sam
  • “Contact a mover from your local area. Get referrals from family and friends.” – Sharon
  • “Labeling all of your items can really help save you time and money. Draw where you want the furniture placed on a piece of paper and tape it to the outside of each room. By doing this it will eliminate the crew members saying ‘sir/miss where would you like this?’ This will lead to a more efficient move thus saving you time and money.” – Tony

And there’s plenty more where that came from! If you are looking to move or know someone who is then feel free to send them our way; we are always ready and willing to use our plethora of knowledge and experience to help!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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