What is Containerized Storage?

Here at Parma Movers, Inc. we are a full service moving company providing packing, storage newmoving, & storage services. We offer containerized storage instead of self storage. Often customers ask what the difference is so the hope is that this blog will answer that for you!

To start, our storage facility is located at our office, 8686 Brookpark Rd., Brooklyn, OH 44129. Our facility contains 75,000 square feet of inside, secure storage. In addition to being inside, our storage is also clean, safe, private, and dry. We only have one size storage container and the best way to determine how many you will need is to set up a free in-home survey with one of our estimators.

One important thing to know about containerized storage is that you do not have direct access to your belongings. While our movers are loading your belongings to bring to our storage facility they also inventory everything that is being brought in. Once it is brought to our facility, the Warehouse Manager will personally load your items from the truck into your storage containers and then back onto the truck when we move your items out. Since you do not have direct access to your belongings it is important to keep these tips in mind:

Pre-storage tips

  • Mark content on boxes
  • Make sure all boxes are closed
  • Give ample notice when looking to add and remove items from storage
  • Keep all parts with items (i.e. screws with desks)
  • Make sure that important items are pulled out of drawers/files and kept with you

Commonly asked questions:

  • Is it temperature controlled? During the winter it is heated. During the summer it is not air conditioned but remains cooler than our office.
  • Problems with pests? Never, we take extra care to keep our facility clean.
  • Are my items (i.e. sofas) wrapped? We have a mezzanine where misc items can be protected and stored if not in the containers.
  • Additional charges? Yes, there is a one time warehouse handling fee of $40 per container. There is also 8% tax every month. You have the option of purchasing valuation for an additional monthly charge and are subject to additional charges if adding, removing, or viewing items in storage.
  • Is there anything I can’t put in storage? You cannot store cleaning supplies, ammunition, flammable items, etc. If you have any questions on if a particular item can be stored just give us a call and we’ll let you know!

We hope that this information gives you a better understanding of the containerized storage offered at our facility! For more information please contact us!

216.741.4747   OR   samantha@lincoln-parma.com

Author: Samantha Barkley


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