Color Coding Your Move

So you’re moving and feeling overwhelmed, we get it. Whether you’re donating some items, putting some in storage, giving them to friends/family, or simply trying to stay organized even the simplest of things can help. We have a helpful tip to keep in mind while planning your move.stickers2

  1. To start, go buy a pack of multi colored stickers.
  2. Designate one color to the items you are not going to take with you.
  3. Next, designate separate colors for every room in your new home.
  4. As you go through every room put the appropriate colored sticker on each item to indicate if it’s making the move with you, and if so what room it will be in.
  5. If you are packing your own boxes be sure to put the appropriate colored sticker on those items as well.
  6. Make a list (cheat sheet) of which room each color belongs to.

Not only will that help you easily remember your plan for every item but it will also help your movers. If you provide a cheat sheet to the movers it can help them easily remember which room to take each item to. This can also be beneficial for your in-home survey. While going around with the estimator you can inform them that any items with a particular color are not making the move.

Once you’ve made the list, you can make it even easier by sticking that color sticker on that room’s door to go along with the cheat sheet. This way the movers (or your friends/family) can easily look at the sticker and know where that item belongs.

You can also use this general idea if you only want the movers to take select items if you’re moving the rest. Or it can be helpful if you are unavailable and having somebody meet with the movers for you and need to ensure that all the correct items get taken. These stickers should be cheap and easy to find and can help in multiple ways!

There are many other ways to make your move go smoothly but this is one cheap and easy way to help. Another way to ensure a smooth move is to let us help!  If you’re looking to move give us a call! Here at Parma Movers, Inc. we’re always ready to help!

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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