Make Your Move a Home Run

home-run-moveMoving your home is a long process but good news, you’re in the homestretch! You’re all packed up and ready to go so here’s some tips to keep in mind on moving day. In the spirit of our home team Cleveland Indians playing in the World Series we’ll stick with the baseball theme and give you 4 tips, because you know, there’s 4 bases!

1st Base: Be well rested. Although you may not be doing most of the work it’s still  a long day.

2nd Base: Have a designated corner. Make sure to have any items (i.e. purses and personal effects) you’re taking yourself in a corner so they don’t get placed on the truck.

3rd Base: Do your walk through. Do a walk through when the movers arrive to show them what is going. Also do one before leaving the old house to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Home!: Make appropriate meal arrangements. Chances are you won’t want to unpack all your kitchen supplies to cook dinner so takeout is a good option. This is also an opportunity to check out one of your new nearby restaurants.

Most importantly, just be prepared. You don’t want to scramble to finish anything on the day of your move.

Now that you’re at your new home sit back, grab a box of cracker jacks and relax. If you have any questions or would like to book your move then give us a call, Parma Movers, Inc. is here to help!

216.741.4747   OR

Author: Samantha Barkley


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