Updating Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Moving to a new home is a long but rewarding process involving preppingcurb-appeal, moving and settling in. As briefly mentioned in Prepping Your Home to Sell, one step is updating the curb appeal. Potential buyers will make their judgments on your home before they even walk through the front door; you want to ensure they receive a great first impression. There are many factors that play into this, but check out the following points for some ideas to get you started.

Address Sign

How many times have you gone to a new house and had a hard time finding the address? The sign is particularly nice as it will not only help potential buyers to more easily find your house, but also add more decor. The sign can be kept as simple or complex as you’d prefer and can be placed on the house, yard, post, etc. The following link is just one of many examples.


What’s nice about gardens is the number of options for plants, sizes, locations, etc. Whether it’s a full garden or something small on the side of your house it’s bound to bring added curb appeal. Even with limited space, you can still do something similar to the example shown in the following link. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99712579228337684/


Repainting or power-washing may be needed or just beneficial to give your home and/or garage a fresh look. Also check the doors to see if they need some fresh paint.


There are multiple ways to update your mailbox, one of which is to add a surrounding flowerbed as shown in this Pinterest link.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/106608716154530831/ You can also get a post cover, repaint, buy a new mailbox, add a design, etc.


Width, length, professional, diy, concrete, brick, you name it; there are many options to choose from. You can decide which style walkway is best suited for your house. The attached link is just one example found on Pinterest.   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/434104851564615452/


This one’s pretty simple, keep the grass mowed and weeds out of sight for front, back, side yards. The better the appeal, the better the buyer’s imagination, the faster the sale.

Of course during all this updating and preparing, keep in mind that you can get a moving estimate even before you have a move date planned. Give us a call at Parma Movers, Inc. for your free in-home survey.

216.741.4747   OR   samantha@lincoln-parma.com

Author: Samantha Barkley


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