Tips for Moving Electronics

It’s no secret, you’ve probably invested quite a bit of money into the TVs, computers, gaming systems, etc. and may not want to replace them soon.  cordsIt’s common that your electronics are some of your more expensive and fragile items moving so it’s important to handle them properly. Below are some tips to help prevent damage during transit.

Let’s admit it, re-configuring all those wires isn’t always a fun or easy task. One way to make this process easier is to take a picture of the current setup before disconnecting. This way you don’t have to try remembering which cord you had going where, that can get confusing.

Wrap up each cord individually so they don’t get all tangled, as shown in the above picture. Be sure to label them appropriately; you can also do this prior to taking the picture to make set up even easier.

Remove all unnecessary items prior to packing. This includes batteries, DVDs, video games, ink cartridges, etc.

In order to prevent scratches on screens or dust in your electronics use protective coverings such as anti-static bags or linens.  If you don’t want to purchase bubble wrap or blank newsprint for padding then you can also use your towels, blankets, etc. You have to pack these items anyways and they will add extra cushion.

It’s best to pack your electronics in their original boxes if you still have them, if not then you can use sturdy moving boxes. Make sure that they’re packed tightly in the boxes with plenty of padding; you don’t want to leave any room for movement. Also make sure not to pack them under anything heavy. Clearly mark which box has your parts (cords, remotes, etc.) so that they’re easy to find while unpacking.

Keep in mind that electronics are sensitive to temperature changes, so ensure they don’t get too cold or over heated. If your devices are being subjected to different weather conditions be sure to let them get back to room temperature before plugging them in and setting it back up. If you’re unsure of the best way to move the items then check the manufacturer’s instructions, they know their products best.

If you happen to have Plasma TVs, be aware that they need to be moved upright.

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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