Preparing For Your Apartment Move

As you’re preparing for your next move into or out of your apartment I’m sure you’re planning items to bring, boxes to pack, new items to buy, etc., right? Well, in addition to that planning, you also need to keep in mind that moving into/out of an apartment requires planning with the apartment building as well. Below are some points to address prior to your move:

  • Elevators?
    • If the building has elevators be sure to speak with the building management to determine if elevator time needs reserved. If so, be sure to have the appropriate time and date reserved and ready for the move. If hiring a mover tell them about the elevator reservation so they can plan accordingly.
  • Stairs?
    • If the building only has stairs and no elevators be sure to tell your mover. It is beneficial to know approximately how many flights to your apartment, sharp turns, narrow doors, etc. Carrying your belongings up or down stairs will take additional time so don’t forget to factor that in while planning your move.
  • Parking?
    • Make sure to check with building management to find out where the vehicle will need to be parked for loading/unloading your belongings. Some apartment buildings will have dock access while some may just have road or parking lot access. Will you need to have somebody stay with the truck during the loading and unloading; if so make sure to factor in an extra person for this.
  • Time restraints?
    • Make sure you check with the building management for the location that you are moving into and/or out of to be aware of any time restraints. Some locations may require that all work be done before or after certain days and times. You do not want to be surprised by this information halfway through your move.
  • Apartment location?DolliesNew
    • Is your apartment near the stairs/elevator or is it on the other side of the building? If you have a long way to carry your belongings make sure you factor in extra time for this as well. If this is the case be sure to tell your mover so they can bring the proper equipment to ensure the best moving experience.
  • Moving restrictions?
    • Yourself or your moves may prefer to unload the truck and line up your belongings along the wall in order to expedite the process. However, some buildings may not allow this so check with building management prior to the loading/unloading process.
  • Necessary paperwork?
    • Prior to your move be sure that you have completed any paperwork required by your apartment building. This may involve a contract between you and the building or certificates of insurance, etc. that the building requires from the movers. Be sure to check with your building management to ensure that this is all in place. If anything is needed from your movers give ample time for them to get the certificates ready.

Most of these points can also help determine how many men will be needed to complete this move. The more prepared you are, the smoother your move will go. Here at Parma Movers, Inc. we handle many apartment moves and are ready to help with yours! Feel free to contact us for additional information or to book your move!

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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