Moving Your Major Appliances

Moving your major appliances requires some careful work. Not only are they large major appliancesand heavy but they also require a lot of preparation to ensure that they make the move without being damaged. It’s best to check the manual for the manufacturers instructions on moving your particular appliance; if you can’t find your manual you can search for it online. Whether moving yourself or hiring movers it’s recommended to have a trusted third party company come out and service the large appliances being moved. Below are some points to keep in mind:


You’ll have to check the manufacturer’s instructions on shutting off power to the unit, shutting off and disconnecting the water supply, and unplugging and draining the hoses. Once all necessary steps are taken and your dishwasher is empty then clean it out and leave the door open to allow for the inside to dry. Make sure you pack up any loose items to help prevent damage.


Empty the items and either eat, dispose of, or store perishables in coolers for the move. Make sure to unplug and clean your refrigerator or freezer early enough that it has time to dry prior to the move. You’ll have to make sure all appropriate pieces have been disconnected or removed as needed. It’s recommended to not move or store the refrigerator on it’s side as it may cause damage.


Whether you have an electric or gas stove everything needs to be properly shut off and disconnected prior to the move. Remove and pack any loose items so they don’t move during transport. Finish the preparations by cleaning the inside and outside of the stove.


First things first, make sure everything is properly shut off and unplugged. As with the other appliances, you will need to make sure they’re empty, clean and dry prior to moving. After cleaning, leave the door open for 24 hours to dry and help prevent molding. Make sure the drums are secured if your washer or dryer has them.

As mentioned above, if you’re not familiar with servicing these appliances then it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you at your old and new homes. Make sure to check the manual for specific instructions on preparing your appliance for a move and installing it at your new home as some may require extra steps such as leaving it unplugged for a certain length of time after being moved.

Even though we won’t service the appliances we can still move them with your other belongings so give us a call here at Parma Movers to schedule your free in-home survey today!

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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