Preparing for Your Local Move

A local move may seem easy enough, especially if you’re only going a couple miles away, parma truck localbut it’s important to remember that there’s still a lot that goes into the planning process.

Check the clearings. Take measurements of clearings at your new home, especially if you have over-sized furniture. You don’t want to try to move your couch into the new living room just to discover that it won’t fit through the doorway.

De-clutter. Take this opportunity to go through everything you have and determine what doesn’t need to make the move with you and donate, sell or throw away those items.

New construction. If you’re moving into new construction or having your driveway redone then make sure you find out when you’ll be able to park a truck on it. If you can’t yet park a truck on the driveway then make sure you take into account that you need to park on the street and carry or push the items to your house.

Pack early. Whether moving yourself or hiring movers all packing and preparations need to be completed by time the move begins. If packing yourself, make sure everything is packed and ready for the movers when they arrive; if you’re paying by the hour you don’t want to pay for the movers to wait for you. Hazardous materials and some other items cannot be packed and moved on the truck; if you aren’t sure on the packing restrictions then ask your mover. Also make sure to have boxes properly labeled with the new room so they can be taken to the appropriate areas.

Parking arrangements. If you have a shared parking area at either location you’ll want to ensure that you know where to park the truck. If you have a private driveway you’ll want to check if the truck will fit in the driveway and if not then find out if you need to alert anybody of a truck being parked on the street as it will take up space.

Save a corner. Have a corner with the items you’ll move yourself, such as purse, important papers, anything you’ll want access to right away.

Schedule early. If hiring movers, make sure to call and schedule plenty early to get the moving date you’re wanting.

Transfer utilities. Make sure all utilities are properly transferred, cancelled, started, etc. prior to the move.

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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