Preparing For Your Office Move

In the previous blog post we discussed Preparing For Your Office Move Survey and now office moveit’s nearing time for the move itself. Don’t be alarmed, we have helpful tips for that too!

Floor plans

It’s helpful to have a floor plan made for the new location, and at times can be used at origin too. If you have a larger facility make multiple copies and tape them around the building for the movers to reference.


Along with the floor plan, have everything properly labeled; i.e. cubicles, conference rooms, offices, etc. Not only do you want these areas marked appropriately but you also need all boxes and furniture correctly labeled with their new location in order to ensure delivery to the proper locations at the new office. Here at The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. we have multiple colored labels that can be bought upon request to help with labeling.


If doing the packing yourselves make sure boxes are packed and taped shut prior to the movers’ arrival. Label the boxes on the side instead of the top so it’s easier to see when the boxes are stacked.

Loading and unloading

If arrangements were made in order to gain access to either building and loading areas then verify it all again prior to the move date. You don’t want to be surprised and held up the day of the move.

Check with your movers

Last but not least, make sure all arrangements are ready to go with your mover. This includes signing any necessary documents and confirming that all dates and times are scheduled accordingly. If anything changed with your move date(s) then contact your mover right away.

Now that you have all that checked off your list you’re ready to go! The only step left will be getting settled into your new office and you’ll be up and running in no time! For more information or to book your survey and/or move feel free to give us a call!

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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