5 Tips For a Summer Move

Even though a summer move may seem easy enough it does still summercome with it’s own set of challenges. So what are some things to think about when planning your move?

Stay cool. Summer days can become hot, and moving boxes and heavy furniture will make you even hotter, so make sure that all locations are cool enough to provide a small break from the heat. It’s also recommended to get as early a start as possible; this will give more working time before it warms up too much.

Stay hydrated. Make sure to have drinks like water, Gatorade, etc. available and cold to drink during the move. If hiring movers it’s nice to have these drinks available to them also; while it’s not required it is greatly appreciated by your moving crew.

Take precautions if calling for rain. If it’s calling for rain then you can put covering down to help protect the floors, but don’t use plastic as it can become slick and dangerous. Wrap items such as pictures, furniture, anything susceptible to water damage in moving pads, towels, blankets, etc. to help protect your belongings while being carried to and from the moving truck. If you have a walkout basement and are planning to take large items through the yard you’ll need a back up plan in case the ground is too wet from rain.

Take extra care with appliances and electronics. Appliances and electronics are sensitive to temperature changes, so let them get back to room temperature before connecting them. It’s best to check the manual of these pieces for specific instructions on servicing them for a move. Please note that we will move the appliances and electronics but will not disconnect or reconnect them so if you need that done make sure you contact a third party service provider and get their services arranged properly to fit into your moving schedule.

Schedule movers plenty early. Summer is the busiest season for moving companies so the more notice you can give the better. If possible call at least 4-6 weeks in advance for a better chance of getting your desired move date.

Speaking of hiring movers, give us a call at Parma Movers to discuss your moving needs!

216.741.4747   OR   samantha@lincoln-parma.com

Author: Samantha Barkley

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