What Tools Do Movers Use?

Have you ever wondered what tools movers use when they move you to your new home? Well today is your lucky day because we’re going to give you the inside scoop!

a frameA-Frame. Best used for apartments or offices, an a-frame is especially helpful for large, flat items such as large pictures, dry erase boards, headboards, etc. It helps to keep the items straight during the move and it lets the movers easily wheel these through the halls.

BungeeBungees. The bungee cords attach to the slots, called an e-track, on the inside of the truck to keep items secured against the wall. This is especially helpful for items like headboards, mirrors, glass table tops, etc which could fall in the truck if not secured.

dolly groupDollies. There a few different kinds of dollies used for moves. One common kind is a 4 wheel dolly, which can be placed under items like speed packs, couches, boxes, etc to push these items down halls/walkways and up/down ramps. Another common kind, the 2 wheel dolly, can be used to move items such as refrigerators.

floor runnerFloor Runner. On certain sections of your floor, mainly the walkways and entrances, floor runners can be laid down to help protect the floor of your home during the move. We prefer to use neoprene floor runners because they do not become slick and are easy to clean.

masonite.jpgMasonite. Masonite can be laid over soft surfaces like grass or bumpy surfaces like gravel to provide a flat, solid area to push items to and from the truck. It can also be used inside a building to help protect the floor if an exceptionally heavy item needs wheeled over it.

pads2Moving Pads. These are like thick blankets and are used to wrap certain items to help protect them during the move. They also provide padding around the items.

panel cartPanel Cart. Like an a-frame, a panel cart holds large, flat items but you can fit more on a panel cart. This is also best used for apartments, office buildings, anywhere with a long walk.

riserRisers. The risers sit on top of a dolly and are mainly used for office moves, particularly for pedestal desks which are oversized desks with oversized tops. The risers help the desk to sit flatter by elevating it, essentially helping the desk ride better on the dolly.

rubber bands

Rubber Bands. The rubber bands are large pieces that keep pads on articles of furniture and unlike tape, they can be reused. When furniture is traveling on the truck they keep it covered at all points as well.

speed packSpeed Packs. Mainly used for apartment or office moves, speed packs are essentially extra sturdy, large boxes placed on 4 wheel dollies and can be quickly filled to transport items to and from the truck.


While these tools do help your movers, it boils down to their experience and passion for helping to give you a smooth relocation. Not to brag but we have some pretty great movers so if you’re planning a move then give Parma Movers a call!

216-741-4747   OR   samantha@lincoln-parma.com

Author: Samantha Barkley

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