Truck Access & Parking Arrangements

Moving involves a lot of planning, including truck access and parking arrangements.parking new Whether moving local or long distance there are important factors to keep in mind in regards to the moving truck.

If moving long distance and your home is not accessible by a tractor trailer then it may require the use of a shuttle. A shuttle is a smaller truck that your belongings are loaded onto for transport between your home and the main truck.

No matter the size of the truck, you need to make sure it can be parked on the road, parking lot, etc. The movers may park in the driveway depending on the size of the truck and your driveway. However, if your driveway was recently poured then you may not be able to park a truck on it. If so, let the movers know so they can plan accordingly for the longer walk.

If the truck parks on the street you may need to check with the city to make sure no additional measures need taken. You certainly don’t want the movers to have to leave because they can no longer park near your house. If parking on a main road it may be best to plan in advance with the city’s police department to arrange for traffic control during the duration of the move. Some cities may require the truck to move if you don’t have this in place and they get a call about traffic obstruction, which would result in your move taking longer than expected and costing you more than it originally would have.

If you’re moving out of or into an apartment or anywhere with a shared parking lot it’s recommended to check with the property management to ensure there will be no issues when the truck arrives on moving day.

Other points to keep in mind are tight turns onto your road or driveway, low hanging wires or low trees that could be hit by the truck, narrow bridges, or roads with weight restrictions. These can all play a factor into what size truck is used for your move.

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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