Braving The Wintry Wonderland During Your Move

Here in Northeast Ohio we understand how snow and ice can put a da20150211_124641mper on your plans, especially moving. Whether you have decided to move yourself or hire movers we are happy to provide you with some tips on how to make your move go smoothly, but not slippery!

  • Keep driveways, sidewalks, and all other pathways clear.

Make sure that you have shoveled and salted driveways, sidewalks, and all other pathways you will be taking at your old and new home. This will help to ensure that you and/or your movers do not fall and injure themselves. It can get awfully slippery with the snow/ice and keeping the paths clear is a very important step the morning of your move. You will want to keep the shovel and salt handy throughout the day as it may need to be touched up.

  • Have heat and light on at both locations.

When setting up the utilities be sure to plan to keep the heat and lights on at your old home for move out day. Also be sure to have the heat going and lights functioning at your new home for move in day. With the days getting colder and darker earlier it is important for both homes to be bright and warm in order to ensure a smooth moving experience.

  • Check parking conditions at both locations

This is important regardless of weather conditions. You want to be sure you know where you or the movers can park the truck. This area will also need to be cleared of snow and salt to ensure safety of all involved during the move.

  • Warm beverages are always a plus

While this is not necessary you will thank yourself for the hot beverages on hand after being out in the cold. Take a small break and warm up with a hot beverage before continuing the job! This will also be more than appreciated by the movers you may have helping you.

Even with these tips, you may be worried that your move will need to be postponed due to snowy conditions the day of the move. Here at Parma Movers, Inc. we are proud to say that as long as there is not a Level 3 snow emergency then we can still help with any move!

Feel free to contact our office for more info or for moving inquiries. Thank you!

216.741.4747   OR

Author: Samantha Barkley

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