Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Movers

When it comes to relocating there’s one major decision to make before too much planningfragile can begin…do it yourself or hire movers. This is not a decision you can make last minute; the longer you wait the harder it is to find an available, reputable moving company.

One common factor in this decision is cost. Even if you decide to hire movers there’s multiple options; move boxes and small items yourselves, pack your own boxes, do the parts you see fit. If you’re unsure as to which option is best then ask for a couple estimates at your survey, i.e. with and without packing or with and without small items and/or boxes. This can be beneficial in your decision making process.

Some additional points to take into consideration:

Locations: If either location has flights of stairs or tight turns do you want to worry about maneuvering that? The right moving company for you can get the necessary amount of movers to take care of the difficult stuff and let you relax a little on your move day.

Manpower: Are your friends and family able and willing to help with your move? If you’re trying to move during the week they might not be available to help due to work, but if you hire movers they can do moves during the week, it’s their job after all.

Quantity: If you’re moving a small one bedroom apartment or a garage full of boxes then it could be something you’d do yourself. Multiple rooms or multiple stops can become more challenging and time consuming and may be better left to the professionals.

Transportation: If you are considering moving yourself do you have a vehicle(s) capable of fitting your belongings? If not would you rent a truck, how much would that cost you, and are you comfortable driving a rental moving truck?

Valuable/Fragile items: No matter how much you trust your friends and family to be careful with these items it may be best to leave them to the pros. Professional movers handle items like this on a daily basis and have much experience in moving and give a better chance of not damaging the items.

If you decide to hire the pros check out these tips on Hiring a Reputable Moving Company. Don’t forget to give us a call at Parma Movers, Inc. to find out more about our company and to schedule a free in-home survey!

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Author: Samantha Barkley

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